How I support LingQ and German learners

What I do to support LingQ and German learners is

  • offer lots of content on LingQ,
  • offer help on the LingQ forums,
  • offer tutoring (conversations and writing corrections) on LingQ,
  • provide a google document with lots of information for German learners,
  • write a blog about learning German and my own learning experience,
  • record videos about LingQ in English and German,
  • write the German wiki of LingQ,
  • Translate things for LingQ.

What I do not do is

  • offer conversations besides the one’s on LingQ,
  • writing corrections besides the one’s on LingQ,
  • answer lots of questions via email. Please use the forums if you have questions.

Why do I recommend the forum?

  • Other tutors or members can help to find the answer, or provide a better explanation, or add more information.
  • You would probably get the answer much faster because more people are able to help with the answer.
  • Other students can read the forum too and find explanations they have not asked for.
  • It is a place where others members can do research and find answers later.
  • If I were to write personal emails with every student of LingQ I’ve to quit my job.

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