I want to tutor! What should I do? Kind of a short advice for new members

What should I do before I offer tutoring?
Before you offer conversations or writing corrections you should make sure that you understand how LingQ works.
There are some sources of information that you can check for information.
a) The online help: http://www.lingq.com/help/
b) A brief summarize about tutoring: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/tutoring-on-lingq
c) A tutor manual (the information may not be up-to-date): http://thelinguist.blogs.com/how_to_learn_english_and/2010/02/tutors-manual.html
You might find some helpful hints from videos I’ve made about turoring: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/videos-conversation-with-tutors-0
New tutors should have worked with the system to see how it works.

How can I attract members to signing up for conversations?
Here is my advice:
– Fill out your profile.
– Add a picture to your profile.
– Be active on the forum.
– Create content for the library.
– Learn a language yourself (That is impressive to other members). Sign up for a conversation in this language to get an idea how tutoring works.
The first point is, I believe, the most important. I cannot believe how someone thinks about signing up if the profile is empty. Your profile should be advertisement for you!

How can I attract members to submit writings to me?
Think about offering conversations. This point is important for me. I’ve been a member since 2008, and I submitted a lot of writings, but all of them to tutors to whom I have been speaking before. The past shows that students prefer to submit writings to tutors who offer and show other activities. There are so many tutors who offer writing correction that students develop criteria’s how they chose a tutor.

How can I support LingQ?
– Tell everyone about it!
– Use „Like it“ for Facebook or other social bookmarks
– Add the LingQ badge (showing number of known words) to your blog, mails etc.

How can I be outstanding?
– Write your own blog about language learning
– Record your own videos and add them to LingQPlaza. on YouTube
– Write articles for the LingQ blogs
– Write articles for the wiki

Is writing on walls of members a good idea?
Yes, of course, it is. My personal view is that you should only write on the walls of members if you offer more than conversations or writing corrections. Always give additional information that is really helpful! If people really want to speak or submit writings they can easily find you on the write or speaking page. I often write on the walls of other members but I offer a link with helpful information or I answer to their posts on my wall. If tutors only write „I offer conversation. Please sign up for a conversation with me!“ it maybe sounds like spam, don’t you think so?

Why did I write this?
These are some ideas that I had because someone asked me questions about tutoring. Maybe it is a good idea to show this piece of information if new members want to add themselves as a tutor? The Question how to tutor rises up every now and then.

Maybe new members should be a member for a minimum of 7 days, have a profile, more than 50 LingQs etc. before they can set themselves up a tutor?

Also I remember that we had the idea that the date of the last login could be interesting to decide if a tutor is still active (for writing corrections). I remember that there recently was a problem that writings were not corrected in time.

Be aware:
This article has not been corrected by a tutor. If you spot an error and you think it should be corrected please let me know.

3 thoughts on “I want to tutor! What should I do? Kind of a short advice for new members

  1. Hallo Vera!
    Hier sind die (corrections). Danke sehr für alles Deutsch sprache auf Lingq. Brava! If you ever want to Skype, my username is danielleosimpson. (Lingq user: scoreperfect) I would be delighted to speak with you. Currently I meet für ein Uhr in Italian am Montags 21.00 Uhr. Ich hilfe ihm Englisch, und er hilfe mir Deutsch. As you can see, I am only just beginning – aber ich arbeitet hart Täglicht. Ich bin ein Komponist – ich will learne das sprache am Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. It’s very important for my work to learn German….
    Aufwiedersehen – bis Bald,

    Kind of a short advice for new members
    Helpful hints for new members

    (maybe the information is not up-to-date):
    (the information may not be up-to-date:)

    Maybe you take advantage from some videos about tutoring that I’ve made:
    Take advantage from videos I’ve made about turoring.
    You might find some helpful hints from videos I’ve made about turoring.
    Perhaps you’ll find some tips from the turoring videos I’ve made.

    First point is the most important point.
    The first point is, I believe, the most important.
    I believe the first point is the most important.

    I’m a member since two years, [here, ’since‘ is incorrect]
    I’ve been a member for two years.
    ABER: I’ve been a member since 2010. [now ’since‘ is correct]

    Give always additional information that is really helpful!
    Always give additional information that is really helpful! [You were close 😉 ]

    • Danke Daniel, für die Hilfe mit meinem Text. Manche Fehler ärgern mich, wenn ich sie sehe, aber ich habe den Text vor mehr als drei Jahren geschrieben und glaube, einige Fehler würde ich heute nicht mehr machen (dafür vielleicht andere 😉 ).

      Du hast einen faszinierenden Beruf. Ich staune immer, was für tolle Mitglieder es auf LingQ gibt und wen ich schon kennenlernen durfte.

      Da ich sehr lange krank war, musste ich meine Aktivitäten als Tutor leider einschränken und spreche selber auch nicht mehr so oft mit Tutoren. Ich habe einen anstrengenden Beruf und außerdem helfe ich meiner Tochter bei Englisch und Französisch. Daher führe ich momentan keine Gespräche auf Deutsch. Ich weiß auch nie, ob ich mich am nächsten Tag gut fühlen werde. Deshalb mache ich nur noch neue Lektionen, da ich diese leicht verschieben kann.

      Ich kann Dir aber gerne ein paar Tutoren empfehlen:

      • Ich verstehe sie sehr gut Vera.

        How wonderful that you can now see your improvement in English after re-reading an old post. That shows real progress!

        I hope your health continues to improve. I know I express the feelings of the entire Lingq community when I say how much we all appreciate the many posts of you (and your Tochter 😉 which continue, even now, to help people learn the wonderful German language.

        I see I actually made a mistake in my post when I said:
        Ich hilfe ihm Englisch, und er hilfe mir Deutsch.
        I meant to say, I help him with English and he helps me with my Italian. 😉

        Although most of my time is spent composing, I just love languages and I am really committed to learning Italian and German, the languages of the composers whom I admire the most. Thank you for the other referral links as well.

        Best wishes for your continued success,

        Daniel Léo Simpson
        San Francisco

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