New: Lesson notes for „Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!“

I’ve started to add notes to my beginner collection „Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!“ This collection is designed for absolute beginners.
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Here you get an example for lesson „01.01 Begrüßung I“. It is about how to greet people. I would be glad about feedback. How do you like it?

The lesson

Anna: Hallo!
Laura: Hallo!

Anna: Hallo Laura!
Laura: Hallo Mama!

Anna: Guten Tag!
Laura: Guten Tag!

Anna: Guten Morgen!
Laura: Guten Morgen!

Anna: Guten Abend!
Laura: Guten Abend!

Anna: Gute Nacht!
Laura: Gute Nacht!

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Translation – English

Anna: Hello!
Laura: Hello!

Anna: Hello Laura!
Laura: Hello Mum!

Anna: How are you? / How do you do? / Good day!
Laura: How are you? / How do you do? / Good day!

Anna: Good morning!
Laura: Good morning!

Anna: Good evening!
Laura: Good evening!

Anna: Good night!
Laura: Good night!


Notes – English

These are different kinds of greetings.

In German we make a distinction between formal and informal forms of address. The informal version is used with friends and relatives only (or close colleagues).

Hallo!“ is very informal and used with friends or relatives. You can add a name. For example „Hallo Laura!“ Younger people will even use the English „Hi„.

I recommend not getting into the details of grammar at the beginning. Just accept the phrases as they are! So you can stop reading here or read and forget 🙂

The other greetings can be used in formal and informal situations. They differ depending on the time of the day.
Guten Tag!“ can be used the whole day.
Guten Morgen!“ is used in the morning only.
Guten Abend!“ is used in the evening.
Gute Nacht!“ is used to say goodbye before you go to bed.

As you may notice, all nouns are capitalized in German.


Your Opinion?

At the moment there are only notes for the first five lessons, but I hope to add more soon. Let me know if you like them, and if you think these kind of notes are helpful. I would be glad to receive feedback and suggestions (and for any help!) It is a lot of work to write these notes, and if they are not useful I can do other things this time 🙂


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