Our first time!

We did it! We did it for the first time! We watched our first episode of „Dr. Who“ in English.
Some time ago Helen suggested watching a famous British television program, called „Dr. Who“ . I checked the German television schedules but it wasn’t being screened. Then I checked Amazon and bought the complete season one of „Dr. Who“. We love science fiction and we love funny stories. And now we love the Doctor too. It’s science fiction and funny!

The first two seasons are available dubbed. In Germany most programs that come in a foreign language are dubbed. Dr. Who was screened some time ago but I missed it because it was on at an odd time. There were no advertisements and – oh wonder – it didn’t succeed. The TV station cancelled the series and season three and following seasons were neither broadcast nor dubbed.

Recently we watched the last episode of season two. There were no more dubbed seasons. We asked ourselves what we should do. I told Jürgen that there was only the original English version with English subtitles available. We discussed it and decided to give it a try.

Yesterday was the day! It was the first time that we sat and watched a program together in a foreign language without German subtitles. And it was great. I admit that I would run into problems without the subtitles because they spoke very fast. Sometimes I even had trouble to read the subtitles because the pace was so fast. But I was able to follow the story, and much better, to enjoy it. There are no long dialogues and there is a lot of action. I think it is very entertaining.

I have wanted to watch original English programs for a long time but Jürgen refused because his English isn’t up to my level. But he likes Dr. Who so much that he decided to watch it in English. It was a really great experience.


Here is the link to the German version:

You’ll find Text and Audio of the German version in the collection „Veras Corner“,
Folge #36, Unser erstes Mal

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